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Natal Moon Through the Signs In Modern Astrology

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Moon in Aries

This Moon needs to experience challenge, adrenaline, and excitement in order to feel happy. It’s very independent and self-sufficient at an emotional level. It expresses closeness through playfulness and it’s uncomfortable with sentimental displays

Moon in Taurus

This Moon needs material security, serenity, and emotional stability to feel happy. It hardly ever changes its heart, but if it does, it's very rare that it would change it back. It expresses emotion through physical touch or other material manifestations.

Moon in Gemini

This Moon needs stimulus, variety, conversation, and change to feel happy. The most natural mood is one of scattered fascination. It expresses intimacy and closeness through words and the sharing of perceptions and ideas.

Moon in Cancer

This Moon feels happiest when it can dwell in the intimacy of home and nurture its own emotions and the emotions of those it feels close to. It may absolutely shut down if it feels its emotions are being threatened.

Moon in Leo

This Moon needs attention. It needs to be in the spotlight whether it’s in front of an audience or just one person. Its emotions are tied to the need to feel important, respected and special. This Moon is very generous and capable of giving a lot of love.

Moon in Virgo

This Moon needs clarity and precision. It also needs to feel that it has certain skills that others value. Sometimes it needs the feeling of “being right” but there’s great humility in it. Closeness and intimacy are expressed through service and helpfulness.

Moon in Libra

This Moon needs harmonious relationships and beautiful surroundings to be happy. The ambient mood is that of harmony, diplomacy, and a balanced perspective. Emotions are based on what is fair and just. You express closeness through attentiveness to the other.

Moon in Scorpio

This Moon needs honesty, self-scrutiny, emotional authenticity, and contact with the deepest and darkest side of itself and others, but it’s very private and has a fierce sense of boundaries. It expresses intimacy and closeness through penetrating insight, solicited or otherwise.

Moon in Sagittarius

This Moon needs to have its feelings and emotions aligned with the native’s beliefs. The search for the philosophical meaning of things is what nurtures its emotions and makes it happy. You are always on a quest to spread your wisdom and you have a need to have your opinions respected.

Moon in Capricorn

This Moon needs to climb towards high grounds, whether moral, intellectual or material. Moving towards that goal makes it happy. Its emotions are somewhat restrained and it needs some degree of solitude in order to keep others from influencing them.

Moon in Aquarius

This Moon needs to feel individuation and it’s happiest when it breaks with the status quo.  It feels socially significant when it contributes something unusual and innovative to the group. It tends to rationalize emotion and pushes you to think before you feel.

Moon in Pisces

This Moon feels happiest when it engages in creative and imaginative activities that transcend structured space and time. This Moon wants to be one with infinity. You likely express emotional connection and closeness through soulful eye-contact.

Do you know in which sign is your Moon?

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