The Most Compatible Astrological Signs

For determining the best astrological match for love, we can't just look at our sun sign (the sign based on our birth date) and expect a comparison with another sign to be any useful or realistic. For example, if "you are a Gemini” and you ask what the best sign in love for you is and expect an answer such as “Leo,” then you are asking the wrong question and are expecting the wrong answers.

If we want to get any meaningful insight into the subject of love, we have to look at the signs that we have in the 5th, 7th and 8th houses. These houses are the areas of the horoscope that describe our love tendencies, needs and desires. The 5th house describes romantic pleasure and fun, the 7th house describes the partnership and friendship aspects of a relationship, and finally, the 8th house describes when two lives are merged together and the intensity of love takes a much deeper and passionate meaning. If you want to learn more about this subject, I recommend that you read an article I wrote titled The Three Types of Love.

First, let’s determine which signs we have in the 5th, 7th and 8th houses. If you don’t know, you can use our basic profile report to discover. Once we know these sign placements, we must understand how their energies affect each house of love, and then we compare their chemistry with the signs that the other person has in his/hers 5th, 7th and 8th houses. We look at the signs in our 5th house and measure the quality and intensity of their chemistry with the other person's 5th house. Then, we look at our 7th and compare to their 7th, and so on for the 8th house.


House House Theme Person 1 Person 2
5th Pleasure & Fun Aries Virgo
7th Partnership & Friendship Gemini Scorpio
8th Passion Cancer Sagittarius

If you have Aries in the 5th house and the other person has Virgo in their 5th house, we must observe how Aries in the 5th plays with Virgo in the 5th. Aries in the 5th makes you playful in romance and aggressive in bed. While Virgo in the 5th makes the other person analytical and a perfectionist with romantic fun and somewhat technical with sex. While Aries in the 5th is aggressive in bed, it can also be unskilled, but if it encounters Virgo in the 5th in bed it can learn a few sexual techniques and benefit greatly from it. Virgo in the 5th can get passion and fire from Aries and liberate itself from an otherwise overly technical sexuality. On the downside, maybe Virgo gets overwhelmed by Aries' aggressive nature and Aries feels overly restrained and controlled by a technical and perfectionist Virgo.

By comparing sign/house combinations side-by-side, we can anticipate which areas of love could be blissful and wonderful and we can also see the areas where potential clashes may happen. Having this knowledge empowers you to navigate your relationship in the most successful way. Aries in the 5th now knows that it cannot unleash all its fire on Virgo, but it must contain its fire within the boundaries of the technique that Virgo brings to the sexual encounter.

Is Aries/Virgo in the 5th a good or a bad combination? It depends on you. There's potential for great chemistry between these two combinations, but there's also the potential for bad chemistry. You decide if the positive chemistry outweighs the negative. There's no match made in heaven as every combination will have strengths and weaknesses. It's true that some combinations fit more naturally than others, but ultimately, it's only up to you to decide if you are looking for the perfect fit (which may never come your way) or if you are willing and capable to adapt to a less than perfect chemical match because the sum of all is still positive.

Overall we must look at the chemistry between the signs in all three houses. We can have great chemistry in the 7th house, but poor chemistry in the 5th and 8th house. For example, you can be great partners for most matters of life and be great friends (great 7th house chemistry), but you have issues with romantic fun and sex (poor 5th house chemistry) and you both experience constant and intense drama (poor 8th house chemistry) in the relationship. What do you prefer, a perfect match in one of the houses at the expense of the other two, or a better than average match across all three houses? Again, this question is for you to answer. Astrology can only paint you a picture of the potentials between you and another person but you decide if you want to take any risks or play it safe. As you can see, there are no hard rules and the process is not so black and white, but it has many shades of grey (no pun intended).

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