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The Signs through the 5th House of Love

This post is a continuation of a previous article I wrote describing the stages of love and the houses. Please read The Three Types of Love to better understand the context of what it's being discussed below.

The signs you have in the 5th house describes your overall predisposition and temperament regarding love affairs and dating. The strongest sign is the one at the cusp of the cusp, and then the other signs you have in the house are of secondary importance. If you don't know which signs you have in your 5th house, you can use our free basic astrological profile report to discover.

Let’s look at the signs through the 5th house.

5th House in Aries

You are very playful and energetic in romantic pleasure and can be very aggressive in bed. If you are single, you may have a tendency and desire to get constantly involved in shallow romantic relationships that don't last long. Dating gives you the excitement you need. If you are in a serious relationship, then you are constantly looking to have fun with your partner. You are also the chaser and don't like to be chased.

5th House in Taurus

You move slowly dating new people and you prefer those who are interested in your approach you instead of you going after them. You are not very aggressive at initiating love affairs. However, once the romance is rolling, you happily continue with it. You also connect to your body and your senses and you can be very sensual with your romantic partner.

5th House in Gemini

What turns you on to romance is talking and communicating. For you, nothing is more fulfilling in love than a great conversation. It can be through text, email, phone or in person. As long as you can communicate with your lover in all possible ways, you are happy and turned on.

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5th House in Cancer

You engage in love affairs emotionally nurturing and close to home. Sweet and safe are your keywords with love affairs. You prefer someone who's similar to you in their overall persona.

5th House in Leo

You are very affectionate and need constant attention from your partner. You give as much energy to your lover as you would like to get back from him/her. You can be dramatic when you are not getting what you want from them. Your sense of romance is grandiose. If you could have fireworks launched at the same time you kiss you would.

5th House in Virgo

For dating, you are very picky. You only look for the perfect date but you may have a tendency to always find flaws that turn you off. You may also have a tendency to over-rationalize your approach to dating. The good part is that you can win hearts because you also have a tendency to always be of service to your lover.

5th House in Libra

You always put yourself in the position of your lover and decide based on the common interest of the relationship. Your dating style is seldom just about you, but mostly about "us." That makes you a super cool person in the eyes of most lovers. You just must be careful and sometimes draw the line when something doesn't feel right. Also, since you always see things from everyone's perspective, you can have a hard time choosing someone.

5th House in Scorpio

Even casual dating is a very intense matter to you. You are overly possessive and emotional in your love affairs. You become obsessed even during casual 5th house dating. Actually, for you, there's no such thing as "casual dating." You want to be all in or not. You are very passionate in the bedroom and are always trying to be psychologically inside your lover.

5th House in Sagittarius

You are probably attracted to people who look exotic. Perhaps people from a different culture than you, or people who differ from you in ways that inspire you to learn something interesting from them. What turns you on for romance is to explore the possibility of traveling together, discovering new food, exploring art or music, or embarking on journeys that will expand your consciousness with your lover.

5th House in Capricorn

You may mix business with love, such as dating co-workers or business associates. For you, romance is not about playing and pleasure but it's more like a business affair. You would like to gain something out of your love affairs. You also want to win your lover by impressing him/her with your achievements and leadership. The age difference is not an important matter and depending on the specific circumstances you may date people who are much older or younger than you are.

5th House in Aquarius

You are not interested in stereotypical dating activities. The nature and style of your love affairs may raise eyebrows in people around you. You are not a conventional romantic. You are eccentric with love affairs. You’re up for experimentation, and willing to try almost anything once. You may be cold with your lovers and don't embrace them emotionally too much.

5th House in Pisces

You are the most romantic lover of the Zodiac. You are always immersed in beautiful fantasies about love and where it may lead. For you, love affairs feel like dreams. You let yourself be carried away into a dream-like reality. However, your deep sensitivity always lets you sense the truth as to what's going on with your lover. You are mostly attracted to people also sensitive and imaginative because those qualities allow you to play the romantic game in that beautiful world of yours.

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