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The Signs through the 7th House of Love

This post is a continuation of a previous article I wrote describing the stages of love and the houses. Please read The Three Types of Love to better understand the context of what it's being discussed below. The signs in the 7th house describe the most important temperament or trait that your partner must have for a solid and stable relationship. These traits complement you and balance you out. You can discover which sign you have in your 7th house with our free basic astrological profile report.

7th House in Aries

You need a partner who is driven, active and straightforward in the way he/she relates to you. You prefer someone who is honest and blunt as opposed to being too careful or diplomatic. You feel more comfortable if you let your partner play more the role of the leader and let him initiate most matters related to the relationship. You’d rather let them drive while you enjoy the ride! While this dynamic works best for you, you must be careful not to confuse it with a dynamic of abuse where your partner crosses certain lines or makes decisions that ignore you.

7th House in Taurus

You need a partner who’s solid and stable, someone who can comfort you and give safety in the material world. Not in the sense you take advantage of him, but in the sense that your partner must be like a big oak against which you can rest and know it will always be there. You need that material safety. While you bring a lot of psychological and emotional complexity to the relationship, the person you need next to you must be able to deal with you with calmness and simplicity. Just know that this type of solidity can evolve into stagnation and boredom if you become too complacent. Also, be careful not to dump too much psychological energy into the relationship because this type of partner can't handle it.

7th House in Gemini

You need a partner who’s able to communicate with you and stimulate you mentally. As long as he/she speaks with you, the relationship will keep rolling and you can deal with most problems that may arise. But if your partner doesn’t communicate, even the smallest problem will cause you great disappointment. Your need for communication from a partner need not be too profound or deep, but it must be constant, flowing and stimulating. That’s what keeps you excited and engaged. It's also probable that you had more than one serious relationship in your life, or alternatively, one serious relationship experienced a very important transformation at some point.

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7th House in Cancer

You need a partner who’s a homemaker, someone who can build a home for you in the emotional and physical sense. You must come to him/her and feel emotionally safe and protected. Your partner must nurture you and make you feel emotionally warm because you are more engaged in the serious and cold affairs of the outside world. The potential problem you may face with this type of partner is that sometimes he/she may be smothering you because they want to limit the relationship to the confines of the family and home.

7th House in Leo

You may be cold and distant in the way you project yourself into the relationship so you need your partner to be the one who pulls you into the relationship. The most stable partner for you is very affectionate and constantly tries to catch your attention. He/she may be somewhat demanding of you but these demands keep you interested in the relationship. A little drama from him/her is OK and can work some real magic in you.

7th House in Virgo

You need a partner who wants to save you and do everything for you. You want him/her to fix things in the house and be there to help you solve your problems. He/she must be very analytical and practical and must be all the time at your service. Your partner needs to be in charge of all the day-to-day routine. You contribute sensitivity and magic to the relationship - otherwise, it would be too boring and mechanical. This partner is usually a perfectionist and the downside in the relationship is that he/she may point out your defects, or even find defects when none exists.

7th House in Libra

You need a partner with the ability to negotiate with you. You need someone who can make you see things outside of yourself. You may have a tendency to see only things your way and the only possibility to maintain a stable and solid relationship is with a partner with the ability to understand how you see things and be able to make the right compromises in the relationship.

7th House in Scorpio

You need a partner who brings emotional complexity and passion to the relationship. You probably project calmness into the relationship, but you need a partner who turns the intensity up, otherwise, the relationship becomes dull, uninteresting and boring.

7th House in Sagittarius

You need someone who can expand your horizons. You relate more to the immediate needs but you need someone who shows you the bigger picture of life, someone who can make you dream of a better future and a better love between the two. Without a partner like this, you remain superficially focused on the current circumstances.

7th House in Capricorn

You need a partner who handles the hard responsibilities of life. While you bring warmth and emotional support to the relationship, he/she is the one taking charge of the activities that affect life in the material world. You need a partner who plans for the long run and makes sure that things get done.

7th House in Aquarius

You need a partner who’s unaffected. Someone who doesn’t try to impress you. You are very active at trying to impress people and the last thing you need is to be with someone who also tries to impress you. You need someone who pays attention to you when you need their attention.

7th House in Pisces

You need a partner who brings sensitivity and magic to the relationship. You already are very analytical and practical and you don’t need more of that in your relationship. You need a dreamer, someone who’s romantic, and can transform the relationship from a flat realm of day-to-day chores to a fascinating and textured magical partnership.

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