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The Signs through the 8th House of Love

The 8th house of astrology is where romantic love takes its deepest meaning. In the 5th and 7th houses, love is about pleasure and about being good partners, but in the 8th house, love is about passion. It's sexual love that is deeply felt. It’s also the place where two lives merge into one and are held together by a mysterious force of attraction.

These are the energies of the 8th house. On one side, there’s blissful and passionate love, and on the other side, there may also be pain and hate. In life, more than likely we'll get to experience both sides of this house. Some of us experience one side more often or intensely than the other. Which side we get to experience the most depends largely on our will, our wisdom and our emotional balance, but it also depends on the energies that are natively present in this house. These energies are described by the signs and planets present in the 8th house. Signs and planets dictate the natural conditions that make your experience of love to be blissful or painful.

The most mysterious thing about the 8th house is that regardless of the experience you have, whether blissful or painful, there’s a strong force of attraction that keeps you both together and it makes it very difficult to break apart even when the experience of being together is painful. The 8th house is like a deep well. You can fall into it but then it’s hard to get out. If you fall into this house with someone whose energy resonates with your natural 8th house energies, your experience of love will be magnificent. You’ll experience true bliss in love. You will love and be loved with the same intensity. You’ll share passion, attraction, desire, physical and emotional connection, mutual support. But if you fall into this house with the wrong person, love may just turn into a painful experience. You’ll suffer because your deep and natural love needs are not being met and you feel betrayed. Feelings of anger, jealousy and doubt will arise in you. You may hate the other person and you may also resort to hating yourself.

If you understand your and your lover's 8th house energies, you will be more successful in matters of deep love. The key to developing the most amazing 8th house love is to understand these energies and work with them. Be warned that sometimes these energies are too incompatible to make them work together and no matter what you try the most likely outcome is a constant state of pain and hate. And then sometimes, the energies are explosive in their chemical compatibility. Time slows down and comes to a standstill. You see fireworks with your eyes shut. The stars have blessed you with this type of love.

The signs and planets in the 8th house describe the hidden energies that make this love possible. You may have one, two or even three signs in this house and you may also have a few planets in it. It all depends on your specific chart. The more signs and planets in the 8th, the more complex your love needs are. If you don't know which sign and planets in the 8th, you can discover using our basic astrological profile report.

Below you can read how each sign affects the 8th house. These descriptions only focus on the positive side of passionate love. They tell you about the conditions that are most natural to you and how they lead to the most fulfilling love relationship. Please learn, enjoy and love as if there’s no tomorrow!

Aries in the 8th House

You experience passionate love in outbursts that manifest strongly, reach a certain peak, and then they wane quickly, just to come back with the same intensity repeatedly. These feelings of passionate love are somewhat blind in the sense that when you experience them, you must act them out without measuring your partner's feelings.

You have a natural tendency to act and decide without asking what your partner thinks or feels. You don't wait for his or her feedback or approval. You just do things at your own will and time. It's not that you are selfish. It's not that you purposefully disregard your partner. You cannot see your partner's needs and wants because you have too much energy and impulse for matters related to love and you simply act as it comes out of you.

However, you are very lovable because there's purity in your actions. What you do and say to your partner is pure and void of any malice. In love, you are pure and energetic like a mustang running through the fields.

Your most stable sexual relationship is with someone who gives you all the freedom you need and will follow your lead. You need someone who's willing to be always on the go with you or someone who doesn't mind if you just do what your impulses tell you to do. He or she must make you feel on the edge and must take risks with you.

Taurus in the 8th House

You equate passionate love with material security and stability. Your feelings on one side of this equation lead you to the other side of the equation and vice versa. When you love someone you'll create a safe, comfortable and stable environment for the two of you and in the same way, if you experience this environment with someone, then you'll fall madly in love with that person.

You are not quick to fall into a deep, love relationship. You rather take your time and let it happen slowly and gradually. Deep love begins when a certain person feels right for you (see first paragraph), and then it takes a long time for the relationship to unfold and develop. One day, without you even realizing it, you are fully in love and you are likely to remain in love for a long time - forever if you could.

There's a certain simplicity to your feelings of sexual love. You are not interested in exploring the complexities of your sexual relationship. You are not interested in searching for deep emotional issues or hidden agendas in your partner. You rather enjoy the simplicity of the moment with him or her and experience it one day at a time.

Your emotions remain steady even during the most tempestuous situation. Drama is just not part of your vocabulary. You typically won't have unexpected outbursts of emotion. You'll navigate passionate drama in a calm and down to earth way.

Gemini in the 8th House

You associate sexual love with communication and mental stimulation. One leads to the other. If you meet someone with whom you can talk and exchange information for hours on end, then love will follow.

The deepest and most amazing sexual relationship happens when you can engage in constant communication with your partner. Your path to deep love is one word at a time. You must open all your communication channels with your partner from verbal to modern media. You need to share tons of information with your partner and you also want your partner to share tons of information with you. Sharing info is what makes you feel sexually connected.

The overall communication style is given by placing Mercury in your chart. You may be more inclined to talk slowly and about just a few subjects, or talk fast about a lot of different things. Your style maybe straightforward or indirect, responsible or reckless, and so on, but regardless of what your communication style is, what matters to you in deep sexual love, is that you communicate all the time. That's what turns you on and that's what makes you feel connected.

Behind such formidable exchange of information, there's a need for mental stimulation. At a deeper level, sexual and emotional connection result from mental connection. If your partner can engage and stimulate your mind, your sexual bond with him/her gets deeper and more intense.

For as long as your mind is stimulated and you communicate back and forth fluently, your love connection will be deep and passionate.

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Cancer in the 8th House

You associate the sense of being family with deep passionate love. If you feel sexually attracted to someone, and at some point, you feel like that person is becoming family, then your feelings of love towards that person turn very passionate and powerful.

Because of this strong association between these two feelings, you may fall in love with someone who you have known from childhood and grew up with. Perhaps someone from your neighborhood or from your school. This is not necessarily the case, but you'll fall for someone from your early past. You can also meet someone at any stage of life, and if you develop this family-like feeling then passionate love will also develop right along.

While most other placements still maintain somewhat of individuality within a sexual relationship - each still pursues their own agenda - in your case, there's no individuality left and your agenda is that of the couple. A certain kind of magic happens to you when you love your partner that way. Being a family means that there's an unbreakable bond between the two. It means absolute loyalty. It means that whatever is yours is also his or hers. You give your heart, your lungs, your eyes, or whatever else he or she needs and you expect the same.

Because of this sense of family, nothing consummates love for you more than creating a home together. It's all about sharing a space where you both live. It's about having shelter from the world for the two of you. The natural place for you and your partner is the home. Home is love and love is home.

Leo in the 8th House

You associate your sense of dignity and personal worth with love. If you are sexually attracted to someone and that person makes you feel dignified, you will develop passionate feelings of love towards that person.

In love, you need your lover to constantly recognize and nurture your sense of dignity more than anything else. If you have constant recognition from him/her, your heart opens and you can give immense amounts of love to your partner. When you feel like your lover is not nurturing your sense of dignity enough, you'll use all sorts of emotional provocations to capture his/her attention. For example, you may act in a dramatic way, do something unexpected, act an over the top crying performance, or display a lot of affection.

You express love through affection, protection, and dramatic performance. You can be very affectionate as a way of expressing your love. You can also do many performances in front of your partner as a way of expressing your love, perhaps do something silly or something brave.

Your true love understands your need to be dignified and your need for attention. No matter what you do, he or she must be always nurturing yours in these areas. Your sexual bonds will remain strong for as long as you get this need satisfied. But, this need becomes your weakness because you can resist no one who treats you that way. And if they know this, they can learn to manipulate you.

Virgo in the 8th House

In your mind, you relate to sexual love in an analytical way. The analysis of every situation is your way of maintaining a deep bond with your partner. If something between you and your partner makes sense, your desires for him/her increase, but if something doesn't make sense, you feel somewhat turned off.

Even though your love emotions may run deep, you don't let yourself go into a wild and uncontrollable emotional territory where you may lose your ability to keep your analytical mind together. Instead, you separate yourself from that emotional intensity and engage with your logical and rational functions. Deep sexual love for you is not about passion or emotion but it's more about the search for perfection in the relationship with your partner.

You express deep love in practical service. Some other placements express love by displays of affection, by saying beautiful words or by nurturing their partner. You express love by helping your partner with anything he or she needs. This is how you win their heart over. You win it by always being there to help them with anything they need. You may express your love by running errands, cooking, mowing the lawn, fixing a leaking faucet. Taking care of your lover makes you feel you are loving him/her.

You are very picky in your choice for a partner. You have a long and strict list of prerequisites and they must meet them all. Even if they miss one or two of your prerequisites, sometimes you may lose your interest.

Libra in the 8th House

You associate sexual love with the capacity of compromising one's needs to benefit the couple. You express love by compromising your own needs and meeting your partner's needs halfway. If you feel sexually attracted to someone, you'll always offer the gift of compromise to the other person and ideally, he/she would also do the same for you.

You understand that all great relationships are built around compromise. If any of two partners stubbornly tries to impose his/her views on the other, then the relationship gets out of balance and then it breaks. At the heart of a great sexual relationship, you have the wisdom of listening to your partner and meeting him/her half-way in all life endeavors. That's what love is all about. It's not about imposing oneself to the other and it's not about the other imposing themselves on you. True love is a give and take that finds its maximum expression when is balanced and in harmony.

When two partners can reach mutual points of compromise and meet somewhere in the middle, the intensity and strength of that relationship can reach deep levels of passion and love. For you, there's nothing in love like the experience of this type of mutual harmony. Love is about getting in each other's shoes. If there's no willingness to get in the other person's shoes, then there's no true love.

This is the fundamental vision of sexual love you have. You have the inborn tendency and wisdom to behave according to this vision. True bliss in love can happen to you if your partner also has the same vision you have, but if he/she doesn't, you'll be willing to compromise. The main risk you may run into is that you may compromise too much.

Scorpio in the 8th House

You associate sexual love with emotional intensity. Without intense emotion, there's no love, and if there's real love then it manifests as intense emotion.

Your path to sexual love is highly emotional, intense and straight to the point. You don't make things easy when falling in love. As soon as you feel sparks you go for love all the way. For you, the time to go through a slow process of discovering another person is better used by just going all the way all at once at the beginning. You are in all the way quickly and if you don't like what you feel, you get out all the way as soon as possible. But if you like what you feel you cling to love strongly and stubbornly. Once you love, it's hard for you to let go.

Your love emotions are very complex. For you, deep love cannot be an easy and relaxed affair. It must be complex and somewhat mysterious, or else it doesn't turn you on. You can't just have a casual dynamic with your partner. Instead, you must get inside of him/her and discover what they feel emotionally and psychologically under the surface. You never take your relationships at their face value, even if everything seems to work fine on the surface, but you always must dig deep into your partner and find true love in hidden places within him/her.

You experience passionate love in the extremes of emotional bliss, but also in emotional pain. Emotional pain is never a reason for you to walk out of a relationship, on the contrary, it's yet another reason for you to feel what love is. For you, love is proved by the intensity of shared emotion.

Sagittarius in the 8th House

Great love is like a journey that has a beginning but it has no end. One day you meet someone special and at that moment a great love adventure begins. As time passes and for as long as you and your lover keep exploring new things together, passion will remain strong. The experience of a great love adventure turns you on.

The journey of discovery may be mental, sexual, cultural or geographical. Regardless of the specific area of interest, as long as you can explore things together, you will feel deeply in love. You can spend hours discussing different philosophical ideas and belief systems. Or you can travel to other countries with cultures different from yours. Or perhaps you could explore each other sexually. Or it can also be as simple as trying a new ethnic restaurant in town or going to an exotic art gallery. These activities bring you close in love with someone.

True love happens when you expand your horizons beyond what's common and familiar to you. Love doesn't happen for you within the confines of your own neighborhood or within the boundaries of what's common in the place where you grew up. You need a lover that helps you expand your horizons into remote places.

It wouldn't be uncommon if your lover comes from a culture, race, or country different than yours. And it wouldn't be uncommon if you desire to live with your partner in an alternative community or a place far away from your place of origin.

Capricorn in the 8th House

You associate deep sexual love with accomplishment. Deep love is about conquering the world together. For you, sexual love may happen to someone who you feel can accomplish something material in life together with you. Love is not so much about romance, nurturing each other, or emotional warmth, but it's about embarking on a life-long enterprise where you and your partner make material things happen.

The feeling of accomplishment turns you on to love someone. Because of that, you mix the energies of love, sex and business together. Your deepest type of relationship may happen if your lover is also your business partner or a co-worker. It's very hard for you to separate the two. You much prefer to be romantically engaged with someone who also shares your professional or work life.

To develop a serious sexual relationship you must create long-term plans and set ambitious goals together. Perhaps you both must aim to buy a large house. Or perhaps you must focus on building a business together. An ambitious and common goal brings you romantically close to someone.

There may also be a wide age difference between you and your partner. There's a possibility that he/she is much younger than you or much older than you. It all depends on which stage of your life you are in. With a younger and more energetic partner, you manifest your leadership nature and with an older partner, you learn from their experience and stability.

Aquarius in the 8th House

You associate deep sexual love with the feeling of freedom and individuality. As paradoxical as it may sound to others, you seek freedom by deeply loving someone. You feel that if you have no deep sexual relationship with someone you cannot be free. But the relationship you look for differs greatly from the norm.

You are not looking for the perfect man or woman, move to the suburbs, have children, and have a happy life thereafter. This path is boring to you. You are different. You want something unique and different with your partner. You are interested in developing a deep relationship that is your own style. Even if your style is frowned upon by society, you don't care about that. You know that your deep feelings of love belong to you and your lover and it's nobody else's business.

You'll fall in love with someone who understands your unique ways of thinking and feeling and gives you the freedom to be yourself. He or she must set you free and be able to trust your loyalty. "If you love somebody set them free" has a deep and heartfelt meaning to you. If your lover suffocates you or tries to change you to fit his/her style, your love goes away. Freedom to be you is what turns you on the most and is what makes you the most loyal partner.

Even though your loyalty can stay with just one person, you may also need to maintain emotional connections with other people that touch (but do not cross) the line of infidelity.

Pisces in the 8th House

You associate sexual love with spiritual love. To you, love is pure and unconditional, but it's sexual and passionate simultaneously. You cannot have great sexual love without spiritual love.

For you, sexual love is found through a connection of the souls. It's not so much about the physical, the intellectual or even the emotional, but it's about the spiritual. You experience the connection to your lover in a similar way as a mystic experiences union with the universe.

An aura surrounds you and magically extends in all directions, and you feel through that aura the presence of your lover. You always know if he/she is lying or pretending. You also feel his/her love through that aura. You can also look into their eyes and see things that cannot be seen.

You cannot be fooled because your sensitivity in matters of love is sharp. When there's something wrong, you'll know it. When everything is right, you feel it. Often you forgive because your compassion towards your partner is vast.

While the physical connection is also important to you, what matters the most is that connection mystical connection with your lover. If you don't feel this connection, no matter how great the physical connection is, it will not be enough to satisfy your needs with a partner.

You are also very romantic. You can't stop dreaming and fantasizing about love and sex. Your fantasies are also an important source of energy that keeps the sexual attraction in your relationship vibrant. These fantasies also help develop your relationship in interesting and unexpected ways.

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