The Three Types of Love In Astrology

Astrology of Love

The Houses of Love

Before I discuss the three types of love, let's understand some basics about the astrological houses. The houses represent different areas of human life. There are twelve houses and they cover the entire spectrum of human activity. Each house can have one or more signs and it can also have planets in it. A sign gives certain energy or style to a house, and a planet brings a specific significance to the house it’s in.

If you have a question about any subject of your life, a good starting point is to look at the house that relates to the subject of your question. Some houses relate to work and career, others to home and friends, and others to travel and beliefs. The houses that relate to romantic relationships are the 5th, 7th and 8th houses. By looking at the signs and planets present in these houses, you can get an understanding of your intrinsic romantic nature, the kind and frequency of relationships that you'll be involved in, the characteristics of the ideal partner, the likelihood to have several shallow relationships or a few serious ones, and much more. If you don't know which planets and signs are in your natal houses, you can use our basic astrological profile report to discover them.

Let's now explore the basic meaning of the romantic houses. This is a vast subject and I'll just touch on the surface briefly in this article.

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5th House: Romantic Pleasure, Sex and Fun

The 5th house represents pleasure, sex, and fun. It represents that aspect of a relationship that’s exciting, light, and playful. It’s mostly related to physical love and the romantic pleasures of this world. We can experience this type of love with a serious and committed partner, or we can also experience it in a short-lived love affair. In the 5th house, there isn’t much of a spiritual or meaningful connection between two people, but it’s still an important component of love because it allows us to release energies that may build up in other areas of love or life. The 5th house of love is as easy and enjoyable as having a glass of wine on a sunny day.

Many people fall in love through the gates of the 5th house. They meet somewhere, they feel sparks and butterflies in the stomach. They kiss. They date. Some 5th house affairs are short-lived and soon dissipate into the wind. Others continue for a long time and may turn into more serious 7th and 8th house type of love. If a relationship stabilizes in the 5th house and goes nowhere, you must understand these are "transitional people" in your life, just short-term playmates. Maybe they appear in your life so you can learn something from them, or perhaps they are meant to just bring you some short-term fun, or perhaps, they may help you discover parts of yourself that you didn't know before you met them. We learn a lot about ourselves by playing with others.

When a relationship evolves into higher grounds, the 5th house remains as the place where you and your partner connect in things related to pleasure, sex and fun together. For example, concerts, going out, parties, watching/playing sports, going to the beach or the mountain, traveling, enjoying food together, enjoying music together, and other activities you simply enjoy doing together. 5th house type of love can be very important for stabilizing long-term relationships because it helps release emotional energy that may build up in other areas of the relationship.

The signs you have in the 5th house describes your overall predisposition and temperament regarding love. You can read part two of this article The Signs through the 5th House of Love to learn more about how each sign influences this area of your romantic life.

7th House: Partners and Friends

The 7th house is not about romance, pleasure, sex or passion. It's about day-to-day matters that we share. How do we get along? How do we divide the chores? How do we play our roles? How do we plan our future? There are no intense emotions or passionate love in the 7th house (we leave that for the 8th). This type of love is about being good partners and great friends. It's the foundation of a long-term committed relationship. In ancient times, this house was called the "house of marriage" because this love is what binds couples for the long-run. Today, we like to think of passion as being part of a real marriage, but passion seldom leads to long-term stability. 7th house type of love does.

In the 7th house, two people come together to share life and the key to their success is to get along well and balance each other out. You bring your energy to a relationship and your partner brings his/hers. These energies mix and sometimes they work well together but sometimes they don't. The 7th house describes the energy that your partner must bring to the relationship to form a successful and stable long-term relationship with you. By looking at your 7th house, you'll get to know which traits he/she must possess.

If your partner lacks these traits, your relationship won't be solid. Physical attraction, fun, pleasure, sex, passion, and other intense emotions of love may still exist between the two of you, but the relationship is likely to have problems eventually.

The sign and planets you have in the 7th house primarily describe this dynamic. You can read part three of this article The Signs through the 7th House of Love to learn more about how each sign influences your 7th house. Once again, if you don't know what sign is in your 7th house, you can discover it using our basic astrological profile report.

8th House: Deep Love and Passion

The 8th house of astrology is where romantic love takes its deepest meaning. In the 5th and 7th houses, love is about pleasure and about being good partners, but in the 8th house, love is about passion. It's sexual love that is deeply felt. It’s also the place where two lives merge into one and are held together by a mysterious force of attraction.

Physical attraction. Emotional obsession.
Purple flowers with thorns.
You understand each other without words.
All-in or all-out. Chemistry. Electricity. Passion.
Bliss and hurt. Love and hate.
Prayers and Voodoo.
Two lives merged or entangled?

These are the energies in the 8th house of love. This union awakens deep and intense emotions otherwise dormant in the softer houses of love outside the 8th. When things work well with our partner in the 8th, the most fantastic and deepest emotions of love come to the surface. Love is not just about having fun or working on being good partners, but love takes a deeper emotional meaning. Love is passionate and deeply felt.

The 8th house can also be a very tempestuous place. When there’s passion and sexual love involved, there are also emotional storms. The 8th house is also the ground for these hard love experiences.

The sign and planets in the 8th house describe the hidden energies that make deep passionate sexual love possible. The key to developing the most amazing 8th house love is to understand these energies and flow with them. If you want to learn how each sign affects your 8th house, read The Signs through the 8th House of Love and discover more about this part of your life.

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