Birth Chart Print Gift for Wedding or Anniversary, Ornamental Border Design
Birth Chart Print Gift for Wedding or Anniversary, Ornamental Border Design

Birth Chart Print Gift for Wedding or Anniversary, Ornamental Border Design

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This print is meant primarily as a gift for a wedding or anniversary. Traditional and elegant lines and colors were chosen in order to transmit the feeling of marriage or a committed relationship.

In terms of the astrological data, most commonly, you would pick the date, time and place of the wedding ceremony, but you can also pick another date and time, such as the moment when the two first met, the first kiss, or another event that marked the beginning of the relationship.

At that moment, each of the signs, planets, and houses in the horoscope occupied a certain position in the sky, and the astrological chart is a representation of that moment. When you gift this print, you are gifting the magic of that moment and the symbolism of all the aspects of the relationship.

This particular chart is derived from Western Traditional Astrology. It displays all the astrological signs, planets and houses. A brief summary of the meaning of the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant is also written below the horoscope wheel.


  • We will need the date, time and city of birth in order to calculate the birth chart.
  • During the purchase process, we will ask you to fill out a form with birth information and some other customization options. Alternatively, you can also complete the purchase and provide birth information at a later time.
  • For privacy reasons, you can specify if the date and city of birth should be printed or not. You can also specify the birthdate format. For example, you may choose not to print the year of birth.
  • Ships within 2 to 3 business days (sometimes it ships on the same day). Please note that we cannot guarantee delivery by any specific date or number of days as the final delivery depends on the carrier.
  • International shipments may require additional custom fees.


  • Personalized birth chart design including the position of the planets, signs, houses, and aspects.
  • Makes a unique wall decor piece for the living room, bedroom, hallway, home altar or office.
  • Print and poster sizes, from 8x10 to 16x20 inches. Several colors. This item is unframed.
  • Archival paper and pigment-based inks (Giclee.) Will not fade for centuries if properly stored.
  • IMPORTANT: date, time and city of birth are required in order to calculate the astrological chart.


  • This item is UNFRAMED. Frame and mat are not included.
  • Colors on the actual print may differ slightly from the colors you see on the monitor. Monitors are calibrated in different ways and colors will show differently on different devices.


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